Yippie, my broody wild game hen is hatching her clutch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Went up to the horse barn today and between the cackling of the wild hen in the horse feeder I heard it, A CHICK!!

    We lifted up her butt (much to her displeasure) and sure enough a little chickie. I was thrilled.

    She quickly put the little one back under and we left.

    Tomorrow I will check to see if any more zips. I will have to take the chickies and feed and water them then I am going to put them in the nursery with mom. We did this once before and it worked out great.
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    waiting to hear what you end up with!! Don't forget pics if you can!!
  3. We have two now as of this evening and ONE IS A CHIPMUNK !!
    Gosh I hope it is a roo.

    This morning (Monday) I saw four little ones and three were chipmunks. Now I know I am going to get a roo from this batch.

    These 3 hens and the roo are the ONLY ones left from a line of birds that have been passed down to me. I have fretted ovet these guys for almost a year now and I FINALLY got babies !!!

    The ones in the nest come into the brooder for a few days until mom can hatch out the rest if the do in fact hatch out. Then the all go into the nursery with mom for a few weeks.

    Decided to move MOM, the babies and the eggs to the nursery. Mom is doing good and another has hatched out !!. Now there are 6 eggs left and we have 5 BABIES. I will have to wait until the new one dries off to see what color it is.

    We are eggstatic !!
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