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    I use MissPrissy's yogurt recipe and make a gallon at a time.

    A fried sent me this URL

    where a yogurt recipe book was being sold on Amazon. I bought a NEW one in the used section of the ad for:
    1 of The Book Of Yogurt, $7.97

    Shipping & Handling: $3.99

    Total: $11.96

    It got good reviews, e.g.:
    "Sonia Uvezian has never disappointed me with any of her cookbooks....[She] is an expert on yogurt....The recipes are splendid, from the subtle flavors of Middle Eastern dishes to the spiciness of Indian and Caribbean cooking to the suaveness of French and other European foods....In the appetizers there are so many delicious dishes it would be hard to begin to list them, ranging from dips to yogurt cheese (there is a recipe to make this simple, yet utterly divine, cream cheese which I am using more and more instead of commercial cream cheeses). There are a dozen fragrant soups...24 wonderful salads, and 11 interesting egg dishes. There are recipes for fish, poultry,...meat, pasta, and vegetables. There are sauces, from salad dressings to a yogurt creme chantilly (a light, refreshing alternative to sweetened whipped cream with about half the calories) and a chocolate yogurt sauce that makes a marvelous frosting. There is a section on bread...She also has recipes for waffles, pancakes and fritters...However, it was the dessert section that started me cooking up a storm. Such wonderful cakes - chocolate, lemon, jam, orange with coconut topping, fruit and banana. A souffled cheesecake with strawberries...a molded yogurt cream, a marvelous coffee mousse, and all kinds of yummy frozen yogurts. I tried the chocolate cake with chocolate yogurt sauce and got raves. It was one of the best chocolate cakes I've ever made....If you love yogurt, this is a book for you. If you hate yogurt, this book will convert you, if anything can. -- Nancy Newman, Chicago Sun-Times"

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