Yolk Sac not fully absorbed

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  1. Okay, me again, with my problem of the hour. Fourth chick has now emerged, very energetic and kicking all the way. This egg was one of a couple that were put in one day later than the rest, so should be hatching tomorrow rather than today.

    Anyhow, as it broke free, i could see some yellow, i assume part of the egg sack that dropped away. It is small, but then most silkies are, right? It is active. It accidentally flipped itself over on it's back at one point and everything looks fine.

    Should i be concerned? Is there anything i can do to help it, like maybe sugar water or something once it dries off? Or is this a potentially life-threatening situation?

    Thanks for any assistance i might receive. i will be so relieved when everyone is hatched, dried, and well. i have got to get a minute of sleep here.
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    Jan 16, 2007
    Hey there.....I am aawaiting 2 siki cross eggs to hatch....and I am researching any potential problems before they get here.....Tuesday i think.
    I would also like to know more about the yolk and intestines staying attached...or how that all works.
    I do know it provides ? days of food for chicken...but not sure.
    anyone else.......

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