Yolk sack issues on baby chick. HELP!!

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    Apr 10, 2008
    I need some serious help. I had 8 chicks hatch yesterday in my incubator but one of them had yolk sack issues. We ended up having to cut it off after it dried up. But now she's really lifeless. To make sure all her "plumbing" was working properly, I GENTLY pressed her tummy and sure enough everything there seems to be ok. But around her navel looks gross. And her stomach seems somewhat distended to me. I took a warm wet washcloth and held it on her stomach hoping that it would help somehow. Then I gently pressed again. I did this because I thought maybe the yolk was stuck in there somehow. As I pressed, yolk started running out of her navel. But I'm not sure if I should keep doing it? Is all the extra yolk what's making her sick? I'm not sure what to do. Please help. Thanks.

    ***Update: Just after submitting this question, I went to check on the chick and she was already gone. However, if anyone has any ideas about what to do in a case like this, please let me know. In case this should ever happen again, I'd like to know if there's anything I can do. Thanks***
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    I am afraid your bird has a navel sac infection called omphalitis. Separate it from the other chickies and clean (disinfect) the brooder just as precautionary measure)... read about omphalitis here:
    ...to my knowledge there is little you can do at this point :aww

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