Yolk Sack Rupture in 5 day old Chick

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  1. rachelpotter

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    Jan 5, 2013
    I have a 5 day old Silkie cross chick that has been a poor-doer since hatching. Lone hatcher, other eggs died with temp spike 4 days before hatch. I have been doing with generalized weakness, curled toes, and now it has what looks like a ruptured yolk sac. At first I thought it was pasty butt, but when I cleaned off the dried stuff, I see this leaking hole in the lower abdomen between the umbilicus and the leg. Actively leaking what looks like yolk. I have brought this baby "back" from unrepsonsiveness with sugar water/ electrolytes, egg yolk mash three times over the past few days, but i am thinking it is time to let him/her go? Bummed because up until yesterday we FINALLY seemed to be getting somewhere! (finally eating on her own and moving decently around the bator) She is under a Brinsea Ecoglow with two other young chicks that I got to keep her company. I now have her separated in a tupperware container with soft cloths to keep the other chicks from messing with it.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Apr 3, 2014
    Oh no! I hope he made it! Sorry for not getting here sooner!
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    I don't know, Rachel. It seems like anytime I help a chick they do what they want to do and either thrive or die. I guess what I would do is keep her fed and hydrated and hopefully time will give her a chance.
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    Did your chick make it?

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