Yoplait Yogurt good or bad??? HELP PLEASE!!

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  1. They are 1 week old, they actually just about 5 minutes ago accepted yogurt and to their surprise they like it!

    Also I wanted to know about kinds of yogurt, I know plain is good, but what about that Yoplait Yogurt, it is strawberry flavor, and they like it so, I just wanted to know? I will use plain later on but we have Yoplait Yogurt that no one will eat so, we decided to give it to the chickens! so I will go to plain, but can I continue feeding the Yoplait Yogurt to them for now?
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    There is way to much sugar in the flavored yogurt. I feed mine the plain.
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  3. Julie08

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    the fruit yogurts contain a lot of sugar that's why the plain is better.
  4. ok I will stop feeding them the Yoplait Yogurt then, Thank you very much!
  5. JennsPeeps

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