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Swamp Roo

11 Years
Apr 22, 2008
Not directly chicken related, but chickens are on the menu here as well. We have had four cows mutilated or killed in our small neighborhood in the last half week or so. All have had their ears chewed/ripped off and muzzles torn up. The owner thought it was a panther (wouldn't be a first here) but I had the chance to looks at the tracks yesterday, definitely canine. That in itself is a relief, since I can shoot dogs or coyotes without legal repercussions. Another of the neighbors had three coyotes try to break into their coop last week (visual identification), so the first suspects are that pack. The thing is, none of the cows have been "eaten" and I was under the impression the coyotes also tended to hamstring large prey. Plus we also have LOTS of rabbits and other small much less dangerous prey for them (like chickens). I'm really thinking a pack of feral dogs, because the carcasses have not been consumed (dogs WILL kill for the "fun" of it), and the method of killing (just like a hog catch dog (mouth and ears). Lots of people have hog dogs out here, be easy for one to have joined a pack of feral dogs. If the carcass had been chewed on at all, I'd definitely put my money on the coyotes, but this just seems too out of character. Anybody see a confirmed coyote kill where they did this?

I would be lookinginto the bull breed dogs, bull dogs, stratfords, English, etc,
any breed that is used for bringing in bulls.
the damage you are discribing makes me think this particular breed of dog.
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thats also the same sort of damage Lassie the wonder dog does if she is allowed to run loose. She's a Jack Russel at about 8lbs

But by the sounds of it you have a dog problem, not nesc. a coyote problem.
I'm with the rest...going after muzzles and ears sounds like a modified trait in a dog. Coyotes have all the canine traits in their unmodified form, and it wouldn't seem prudent to bring down an animal as big as a cow from the FRONT end...especially considering how much force a cow can exert when she starts slinging her head around.

I'm going to say these were feral domesticated (jumbo shrimp, anyone?
) dogs.
My thoughts exactly. Just wanted to see if there was a flaw in my logic. Lollipop, we have discussed that option before, not an option here, too many "welcome" dogs and critters in the neighborhood, thanks though, I'll stick with things that go BOOM in the night for now.

Years ago my parents had a few calves that were killed & a neighbor started complaining that the coyotes were killing his pigs (he never saw them, just assumed it was coyotes). We caught another neighbors dogs in with the cattle chasing down a calf. The neighbor had 7 to 8 large labs they let run free. Dogs in a pack can be dangerous & they don't necessarily have to be feral.
Treehugger, true enough that dogs don't need to be feral to pack up and kill. Neighbor across the street almost (and will if it happens again) shot his neighbors dog because it was getting after one of his calves, this dog was not playing either. The kicker is they are kin, he'd still have put a .22-250 round into it. Our neighborhood is small enough and isolated enough that all our dogs get accounted for. Dog comes in bloody, the owners ask around and will put it down if it was killing something other than a varmint. These critters aren't from here, they had to get dumped or travel too far to get here and back home again.

not totally uncommon for hog dogs to get lost around here. they don't just die a slow death. they keep hunting. you may have a pack of lost hog dogs running around. they may be taking the animal down and waiting for the owner. i would be in a tree stand playing a loud recording of a piglet waiting for them. they will turn feral quickly.
Shawn, no way in heck I'm gonna play anything that sounds like a pig around here! Not without writing a good will first. Just about everyone around here likes pork for dinner!!! The fact of the matter is we have a few porkers starting to show, I'm surprised that the pack did not go after them. Guy down the street called me today to come down and get rid of one, the corn is soaking and the smoker is ready...


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