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  1. So Ive had my valley quail for around 2 months now, and after a few trials and tribulations, they are starting to settle in.
    I started getting eggs again, from my colony pen.
    They are eating from a feeder, and the water in the rodent bottle is going somewhere . . .

    I also was just now able to catch a male that escaped a few weeks back!
    It has been hanging around the backyards around here, calling to my birds constantly, and flushing everytime I go back there.
    I know its been roosting in the quail lean-to, because it flushes from there every morning.

    So I was just out there doing some chores, and saw him at the far end of the yard.
    I ducked down behind a coop, and stayed very still.
    After about 15 minutes of nervous calling and dashing around all over the yard, he made a beeline for the lean-to, entering inches from my foot, and running directly into his old cage, which thank goodness had been left open on the ground.
    I shut the door, and was able to put him in my colony pen with a bunch of others.

    I finally got him back, and didnt trap him in any way, he went in of his own accord.
    I guess he figured out that this yard is home, and there is plenty of easy peckings inside the cages.
    He immediately started eating from a galvanized feeder right in front of me, he was really quite non-chalant about being back in his cage, after all- there is free food and lotsa girls!

    Hopefully, this is the turning point for my little valley quail venture, and they will start cooperating more with the program.
    They really have a pretty easy life now, food brought to them, free sex like a buncha hippies, and a home secure from predators . . . all I ask is for some good eggs and enjoyment(not resentment) from keeping them.

    I might add that my birds came from aa breeder with ginormous pens, so big they might as well not even be pens.
    They werent fed regularly either, processed feed is like crack for em now . . .
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    Glad that you got him back safe and sound.

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