You Don't Want to Invite These Girls to a Picnic


The Chicken Whisperer
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13 Years
May 11, 2010
If you drop your food it is devoured! The little cannibals!

Never hurts to have some veggies with your meat

I don't think the ants have a chance
Haha! My chickens are the exact same way, even if they're 20 feet away they'll still dash towards whatever food falls on the ground.
They are handy for eating my cooking mistakes.
This is the first time I fed them chicken. It was funny how they crouched to eat it. And I never heard that kind of talk going on, either! A strange purring noise. Maybe the hen version of a growl.

Stan was not invited to this party and he was mad!

Those girls picked that chicken breast clean in less than 5 minutes. Yes, it was scary!
That's something!

Mine don't even wait for stuff to "drop".....They'll jump right up onto my plate!

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