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    Sep 27, 2009
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    I bought 2 Barred Bantam Cochin hens and a frizzled Barred Bantam Cochin roo early last spring. I put them in a nice little tractor and they started laying well, but didn't go broody. I was so dissapointed that neither one was broody this year. I did incubate a lot of eggs from them this year and got beautiful babies, straight & frizzle that sold TOO well. I only was able to keep back 1 straight feathered cockerel.

    When I started building breeder pens 6 weeks or so ago, I made sure I had a space for that little trio. I think they just weren't happy with the constant moving in the tractor. They were in molt when I moved them, but started laying again pretty quickly. I have those eggs in the incubator due Sunday and more for next Sunday.

    When I went in to feed this morning, BOTH hens were in the 3 gallon bucket I use for their nest box...silly girls. I reached under and there was one egg laid already. I started to take it out, but thought....2 in at the same time???? I left it in there. When I came back a little while later one hen was out, but the other was sitting happily, busily talking softly and picking up wood shavings from outside the bucket and dropping them on either side of her, over and over. I have my fingers and toes crossed that she's thinking broody thoughts!! I'd happily give her eggs I was going to set on Sunday:D Ahhh, here's hoping [​IMG]
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    An interesting experiment. Good Luck!
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    My Coop
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    [​IMG] Again. Hoping she is. I can't wait until mine go broody.
  5. The Sheriff

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    Jun 17, 2009
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    Sweet thing to watch. I could never get enough of that.
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    Both big Cochans the Sisters are broody, Duchess the hoarder is broody, Red the RIR is broody and two ducks are broody,,, I would happily send you broody thoughts because mine are not going to sit this late in the year no matter what!
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    Send great BIG broody vibes to your Banty Cochin girl. [​IMG]

    They are such good mothers and very entertaining with their chicks.

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