You guys didn't tell me..


Redneck Tech Girl
9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
How quiet these CX were!

Got a dozen....yeah, I'm a TSC sucker. If they follow the wing sexing rule, I have all boys

Aaaaaand...I just told DH
He's working storm right now....and I love him to bits! First told me he's going to stop working storm because I get chickens when he does (that's how I got the last group), and then.....

...he tells me the heat lamp is in the coop with the hens
Yup, minimal peeping, not much running around like banshees like the chickens were last year. Pretty chill dudes. I've already had to put the water and feed on opposite ends to make sure they move around a bit!

CX= Cornish Cross = fast growing meat chickens

I got a mixed bag dozen chicks last year when hubby was working overtime
Do you have a 3 week old pic? Mine are about 2 weeks right now. I just moved the box outside. I was affraid it would be too cold outside, but with a top on the box, it is actually quite warm. The bigger birds are curious what the little peeps are coming from. Too funny.

I just have to share this with someone(s) that get it, I couldn't find a chicken last night. My hubby and I looked everywhere, no where to be seen. I whistled and shone a flashlight everywhere I could think of. I figured I would never see my little RIR again (age four months). I went out in the morning to let the birds out and feed them. When I was done with both the babies and large birds feed/water, I counted the chickens in the pen with me and then went outside and did a head count on the ones outside, she was there!! She had hidden in some brush all night and came out fine, just a little wet and ruffled in the tail feathers.
<<<-------do I feel lucky!!

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