You have got to be KIDDING me!!!

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    Dec 18, 2009
    I have a flock of 5 Silkies. A little less than three months ago, my favorite hen went broody for the first time and just 2 weeks after she started laying eggs. I immediately set her up in a separate room with all the accoutrements for her to comfortably brood and ordered 6 eggs overnight from the breeder. She sat vigilantly (never getting up even to eat or poop she decided to do both in her nest) and on May 8th and 9th (Mothers Day) she hatched out 2 chicks. It has only been 7 weeks and last night she decided to go broody again. SHE STILL HAS THE FIRST TWO KIDS IN TOW. They are sitting on the nest with her. [​IMG]

    The thing is that you really have to know her personality to know that she is not going to get up from that nest.

    Both times she has gone broody she has done it RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE (I believe just to let me know!!!). I was sitting with them in their room at 7 to 8 in the evening and after treats I do the usual call “Let’s go to bed” at which time they generally all line up on their roosting pillow and instead she marches her but over to her nest and plops down. The first time it was the only time that had ever happened and I know her intent.

    She is the type of bird that generally does what she wants, when she wants and does not care about anyone else, it silkie or human. She is a loner in the sense that everyone might follow her or they might not. She drives my Roo crazy. If she wants inside the house for a random treat, she is not going to stop pecking at the door until she gets it. If she wants her neck rub, she will find you and stand on your feet until you pick her up. And when she is done and wants to eat, she will let you know. Nothing else bothers her. She is oblivious to all except whatever is going on in her world. Moreover, she really knows how to get what she wants.

    I really just don’t know what to do about her this time. The chicks are confused and she does not have any eggs to sit on. There just does not seem to be any possibility of reasoning with her at this point.
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    Well, you could put the food very near her so the chicks will eat, or you can separate the chicks from her and raise them in a brooder. I think I would go with the brooder because they're so much more tame if a human raises them.....just my humble opinion....

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    Yep, my one house Silkie Sukie has been sitting for months on imaginary eggs . I have started giving her eggs to hatch, I even gave her chicks and she still sits.... silly determined Silkie hens....
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    Apr 22, 2010
    I haved a 9 yo boy like that [​IMG]
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    Quote:I am not sure what to do with the chicks as right now she is their protector against my other hen. They are just sitting on the nest as well. I hope she just gives up but knowing her she would go on a hunger strike untill she is near death. I have attached a feed and water bowl to her nest but I wonder if i am just egging her on (no pun intended).

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