You know you have been sick to long.....

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    when you are all freshened up for some cuddly time with the DH and then the dilemma comes.........whether to put on Lady Stetson or Vick's Vapor Rub [​IMG]

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    [​IMG] To some though vick's may just be equally enticing. LOL In all seriousness, I sure hope you start feeling better soon. [​IMG]
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    Apr 3, 2008
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    Quote:Thanks.....I have been conjested and coughing for 10 days now. I have coughed so much I am hourse. I have pulled a muscle in my neck from all the coughing. I would go to the Dr. but we don't have insurance casue hubby just started a new job. Well, I have use several over the counter drugs and I think it just has to run its course. My neighbor said her DH has had the cough for 5 weeks now and hubby met a man the other day that said he's been coughing for about 3 weeks now.
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    [​IMG] Sending good thoughts and prayers for your healing your way....

    If you have any natural, non pasteurized raw honey, try a tablespoon with hot tea. Also it will quiet a cough faster than cough drops and has tremendous healing powers.

    Also, my Granny's remedie....Make a mustard pack and apply to your chest area....I don't know what it does but it seems to really loosen better than mucinex for me.....You can get old clothes (Or brown paper sacks dip in hot mustard paste .....the thicker the paste the better,,,,she made hers with mustard powder,,,,I just use the regular premade mustard....(careful not to scald hands or skin) let stay on you until the clothes are cool....(Obviously mustard stains, so wear an old shirt or something over the mustard pack that you don't mind being mustard colored.

    Don't laugh too hard, she took OTC only one time and really had great remedies....
  5. Acre of Blessings

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    Apr 3, 2008
    Axton, VA
    Quote:I did the raw honey and it didn't work.....hubby made me gargle warm salt water (gross) it didn't do anyhting but leave a bad taste in my mouth.....the best thing that I found that helped jsut a little is iced tea with lemon in it. But don't think I wont try the mustard.....I love home this point I'll try just about anything.

    What I've used OTC----> Musinex, Nyquil Cough, Nyquil Cough & Sore Throat, Robitussin DM, Cloraseptic Spray, Cough Drops, Sucrets, Vick's Chest Rub (used on chest and back)
    What I've used that natural-----> Raw Honey, Warm Salt Water, Lemon, Hot Rubbing Alcohol Bath (stay in until water turns luke warm)

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    Try hot lemonade, sweetened with honey. I usually put fresh or ground ginger in it too. The honey helps coat the throat, the lemon cuts the mucus and all of it helps suppress the coughing. Ginger also has healing properties, and it tastes good. Recent studies with children showed that sipping water had better cough suppression than Robitussin type cough syrups; so sipping hot drinks can't hurt and will make you feel beter.
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    I can not say enough good things about mucinex DM. Be sure to dring plenty of water if you take it.
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    Been sick too long when;

    1. they stop bringing food
    2. the mail stops
    3. people leave flowers at the door
    4. You see a garage sale out the window and IT"S YOUR STUFF
    5. the wife uses the garage sale money to go to Hawaii
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    Apr 3, 2008
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    Here you go....I was given these recipes last year. Of course I haven't had the pleasure of needing either of these yet....[​IMG]
    Throat remedy
    8 oz. pure honey
    a good pinch of "real" cayenne pepper (try to get the good stuff)
    3 cloves of garlic

    Warm the honey with the cayenne and garlic. Warm until it is very liquidy but not boiling. Discard the garlic. Cool completely. Take a heaping teaspoon. Fifteen minutes later take another heaping teaspoon. Take every two hours after that. Take also if you wake up at night.

    Sinus remedy
    3 cloves garlic
    yellow onion
    horseradish root (use 1/2)
    ginger root (use 1/2)

    In food processor add all ingredients. All apple cider vinegar (about 1/2 cup). Stir. Take teaspoon full. Chew as long as possible. However, do NOT swallow, spit this out.

    The sinus remedy is known as 'hell in a jar'. lol

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