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Apr 12, 2012
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It's a blistering hot 95 degree day in Kentucky with humidity at 48% and you choose to stay in the sun building your chicken a brand new roost so they can be happier at night!

I've made this from two new pine 2" x 4"'s and old oak barn lumber I had laying around the barn.

Once completed I'll move it to it's location which is under that barn window shown on the right of the above image.

The top roost will be about four foot off the ground. They will have a great view of outdoors while they roost at night.

It works out really well to use decking screws when building just in case you need to go back later and change something. Much better than using nails. This is the type of screws I like to use. They have a recess style head.

It's been a very hot weekend in Kentucky. If you can during these hot months ahead try to provide electrolyte & vitamin mix supplements which comes in powder form to your chickens drinking water.

Hope everyone is enjoying this memorial day weekend! Stay safe and have a great day!

Red Barn Farms
Nice roost, Mom

It's winter by us and absolutely freezing. Won't be surprised if we get snow this year. In summer, however, 95 is considered pleasant. We go up to 130 now and then! Amazingly my chickens handle it well, but I do take care.
NICE ROOST! i would like it if i were a chicken! cool! yea, i had a ''you know you love your cickens when..." moment last month when i was laying in bed (at 4 pm) and it starts POURING rain, and i strap on a hat, boots, and a rain coat and spend about 25 min.s slipping and sliding around in the mud trying to catch 4 slippery soaking wet chickens, while my aunt laughs... then THE EXACT SECOND i get the last one in it stops raining!!!!!!!!
i must REALLY love them, just think, i could have been watching t.v. and warm (and dry) but chose to slip trying to catch them! JUST SO THEY WOULD BE DRY!!!!!

Oh well, now i can laugh at how silly i must haved looked!

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