You know you're a Crazy Chicken Freak when......

you wake up and theres a chicken on your head
I want to be you!
(I'm waiting to bring birds in as house pets until I move out of my Mom's...anytime now.
And where do you work that they allow that!?
You must work for yourself or work at a feed store!
You go grocery shopping just for your chickens. Yogurt, oatmeal, watermelon, grapes, raisens, tomatoes....

Oh I laughed... I am a school teacher, 2nd grade, and my kids love when the girls come to school. I took them last Thursday and one came in the classroom and laid an egg in our reading corner on the sofa! I put some straw down for her and she laid it as the class watched...I have pics and will post them tomorrow..they are on my school computer.

I live in the city so the kids and teachers were amazed!
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