You know you're a poultry owner if you...


9 Years
May 26, 2010
When cleaning my 4 girls' "brooder" today (currently in the bathroom), I kept getting shavings stuck to my feet, and then presumably saw that shavings have found places around my entire home (small, but still).

Therefore, you know you're a poultry (chicken, duck, turkey, whatever it may be!!) owner if you...

...Have pine shavings stuck to your feet and all around the house

...Sacrifice bed linens and towels so that you can have play time with chicks on your lap

Keep the thread going!!! Might be fun to read what people say!
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You know you're a poultry owner when you don't even blink when a broody hen poops on your shirt. Ever smell broody poop? You have to love chickens to deal with that!
I don't bring pine shavings in because my "coop shoes" never leave the mud room. I figure the dogs bring enough dirt in.
D'Angelo N Va. :

you take your chicken magazine "Back Yard poultry" to work to read during lunch.

I feel like less of a freak now. Thank you for this post.
....feel something brushing your leg as you walk and you look and see nothing, so continue. This happens ever so often for the next few days UNTIL you leave Target and return to your vehicle and look down and notice a little chickie poo and a fluffy little feather stuck to the ground RIGHT WHERE YOU STEPPED OUT OF THE VEHICLE...

You might be a poultry owner if you walk around with a feather and a little poo stuck to your sandal for days!

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