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You know you really love your chicks when you’re making a mad dash through a torrential rain to retrieve something from your car (can’t find an umbrella of course), and on the way back, futilely holding a book over your head for protection, you pass an earthworm crawling across the sidewalk…and think “Ooooohhh, a WORM!! My babies would LOVE that!!!” and you actually stop to grab it for them. LOL

My babies are two weeks and SO sweet! What silly things have you done to please your chicks/chickens???
pincher bugs.....catch them....ouch.....and give them to the chickens........or save a pile of food when i am cleaning the kitchen for them, telling my no do not throw that away.....
You feel so sorry for the brooder-raised chicks that you spend at least an hour each day pretending to be a mother hen sitting on the chicks so they can have the mock-experience of resting in a dark, cuddly, warm place like the underside of a mother hen. Ok, wait, it gets worse . . . the chicks eventually get too big to all fit in a little blanket in your arms, so you draft other members of the family to nest the babies. And cluck. Heh.
I have my newest chicks (3 months) separated from my big girls. I do not let them out of the run yet, because I am scared that the hawk that hangs around will get them. So daily I hand pick grass and throw it in the run for them.
my Dh does it too
, then proceeds to tell me my chickens are spoiled ...
,well hello. We take them crickets, grasshopers, worms and any other bug/worm we think they may eat, and table scraps.
You know you're crazy about your chickens when any "chicken related" program comes on tv, you automatically spread a sheet over the couch and go out to get one or two of your girls to come in and watch it with you.
I've been known to cook hot oatmeal on the coldest days of winter for my girls!!!!! They really live it.
I almost tackled my husband last night when he went to throw away his tomatoes from dinner (scraps). He looked at me like I had clearly lost my mind. My girls were happy though!
Being new to the chicken game. My family thinks I'm crazy. The other day it started to rain while at my folks house for my father b-day and I made everyone rush home(20 min drive) to check on my chicks because it was their first rain. And good thing I did some were still outside sitting in the rain!! After I got everyone in I them when out every 30mins to make sure everyone was dry and warm. My parents are still teasing me:)
Really? You have chicken related programming on TV in your area? The only ones I can think of would be cooking shows, but my birds might find that traumatic! "So THAT'S what happened to our brothers!"

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