You know you've gone to the birds when...

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    You spend more time in the coop than the house.

    The mailman brings more hatchery catalogs than mail addressed to "Occupant".

    You have a phone extension in the coop.

    You spend more time cleaning nest boxes than cleaning the house.

    You lay awake at night thinking of chicken names.

    You plan your vacation around the APA/ABA National Show.

    You spend every weekend at poultry shows and your in-laws are beginning to wonder if they'll ever see their grand kids again.

    Your poultry meds. cost more than the kids' doctor bills.

    Your very first hen is now a great-great grandmother.

    You have your "own line".

    You turn down a dinner date with your boss because a clutch of eggs is about to hatch.

    You spend more at the feed store than the grocery store.

    You've visited more poultry farms than National Monuments.

    You 8 year old can recite every breed of chicken but doesn't know the President's name.

    For your birthday you want a roll of wire and some 2x4s.

    You have more hatch dates than people dates on your calendar.

    The man at the feed store knows you better than your hairdresser.

    You can pack 10 carriers in the back of a compact car but can't load suitcases for vacation.

    You'll drive 400 miles at 2:00 AM for a poultry show but going across town to your mother-in-law's for dinner is "too far".

    You know every plant a bird should/shouldn't eat but haven't a clue what to use with tomato sauce.

    Your electric bill in the coop is higher than the house.

    Your birds have air conditioning but you don't.

    Your kids can calculate probabilities of chick colors but are stumped in science class.

    Your greeting cards all have poultry on them.

    Your gift packages all have poultry on them.

    You have pictures of all your birds but only a few of your first born son.

    Your spouse refers to you as "the person who takes care of the chickens."

    You have a smoke alarm in the coop but not in the kitchen.

    It's midnight and you're exhausted but take one last walk through the brooder room to be sure all the babies are safe.


    This is originally from BarbiBrown', but I changed some words to make it fit a poultry enthusiast [​IMG] Hope you enjoyed!
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    When you stay on BYC surfing posts over and over and over and there is still no one up.
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    Mar 12, 2008
    Los Angeles CA
  4. Gazinga

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    LOLOLOL, i can relate to sooo many!
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    Aug 8, 2008
    Hilarious! [​IMG]

    I don't even have my chicken yet, and I can relate to many of those! [​IMG]
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    guilty as charged [​IMG]
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    I let my chickens cuddle with me at night in bed

    I give them half my salad before I put on dressing

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