You really like where you live? affordable? So good you almost dont want to tell people?


7 Years
Aug 7, 2012
Well brag a bit on it. I live in northern az,its nice but so crazy expensive.I want to live somewhere with less government in my life.
Many here must know what i mean.Can you have chickens and a garden? Build things without getting a permit everytime you nail something together. A lake big enough for sailing and fishing within reasonable driving distance.
Im thinking of east texas going north to northern Missouri.Green but not over run with skeeters.Im open to opinions and ideas.
Southwest Missouri has some appeal. I grew up here, moved to KC for almost 20 years, and finally figured out I would be happier back near where I grew up. Regs are minimal. Taxes are lower than most. Fuel is lowest or second lowest in the country. Fertility could be's pretty rocky. Climate is mild. Four seasons, but winter comes late and leaves early. Summers lately have been really hot and dry, but that's a cycle.

Land prices are still reasonable -- which is why I don't talk about this much in public
I have a brother that lives in Rolla, Missouri. He has ticks, chiggers and poison ivy. His kids grew up talking funny.
I live in the country in Texas with no restrictions.

So I love where I live.

Draw back is the 115 degrees it get's in the summer but that is what AC is for.

Plenty of lakes my DH is an avid bass fisherman.
My taxes are $28 this year. Other than a DL an gun permit I have never needed a permit for anything and land can still be had for about $2K an acre with no zoning restrictions..

Jackson County Alabama is 2 miles away if I want to move to a place that is cheaper with less government...

Oh, an Tn an its river are right at the bottom of the hill..
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I live on 2 acres in NC. Love it here so far. We just moved here in July. Also have a creek that runs at the back of the property and lots of deer back there in the woods. Cant wait to get in my deer stand/tree house and pop bambi as he goes to take a sip! lol Andddd Since its in the boonies....there is no restrictions. I have 10 chickens... Neighbor has probably 15..and a goat....There is also horses and donkeys up the street from me. Its pretty nice here if you ask me.
I live in upper Midlands South Carolina. 1 hour away from Lake Murray. 1 hour from scenic Lake Jocassee. 2 hours from the mountains. 3 hours from the beach. 36 acres to protect the neighbors from all my critters.

My side yard

Lots of honey makers

Beautiful wild flowers

Stunning sunrises

Dramatic moonscapes

Silky foggy mornings

Native Artwork

Serene cattle

Quiet mornings

There is a glimpse of heaven in every sunrise.

This is my little slice of heaven after 30 year of saving every penny the hubby and I could put our fingers on.


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