You Stole My Earworm!

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    I brought home the usual box of wormy sweet corn tips and banged-up ears from work yesterday and because I wasn't overheated and worn out I was able to pick it out carefully instead of just dumping it into the run and fleeing into the house for a shower.

    Noodle is the only chicken so far who is friendly enough to come close when I'm moving around so I held out a chunk that had a nice, fat earworm in it. She grabbed it, turned, and dropped it on the ground. Vinnie, the boldest male, stuck his head under the hanging feeder and snatched it. The look on Noodle's face was indescribable.

    I kept putting in corn, found another earworm, and held the cob out for Noodle. She took the worm again and dropped it again. This time Vinnie was off eating cantelope at the other end of the run (I distribute the stuff so the less dominant birds get a fair chance), so she was able to pick it up and eat it herself this time.

    I got to the bottom, found another worm, repeated the process and Vinnie was back. You'd think Noodle would learn to just swallow the worm. But she drops it AGAIN. I managed to block Vinnie this time. If Noodle is the only one who will eat from my hand she deserves to eat her earworms without any theiving, red rascals interfering.
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    [​IMG] Aren't chickens funny little things! That will teach them to get those Earworms!

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