Young 4 month old roo walking strange


10 Years
Jul 25, 2009
Kent, UK.
I have a young 4 month old roo that only since yesterday has been walking in a funny way, he seems to raise his feet a lot higher when he walks and walks alot slower, if he has to run or walk quicker he'll become very uncoordinated and sway like he is drunk almost to the point of falling over but he hasn't fallen yet and can keep his balance, his appetite is fine and he does seem fairly bright if a little depressed, his poop is normal and I have checked him over thoroughly and can find nothing wrong with him, he did live in a coop with his mother and 3 sisters but I have now separated him into a different run, it seems odd that whatever this is can strike so suddenly when there was no sign of anything wrong before hand, the others are fine and showing no symptoms, I did also notice yesterday that when he was sitting in the sun he had one of his legs extended in front of him, I can't keep roos here but didn't want to cull him until he started to crow, although maybe I should do it sooner? anyone have any ideas?

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