Young adults never believe their parents

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    It's pretty simple really: live here, do chores, be in school or working. Kenny decides that he doesn't want to live at his fiances grandparents house anymore, so he asked if he could move into the garage. Ok fine. Here's the chores for this weekend. Saturday, pull the weeds (lots of them by the way). They finished that. Today, be here early to repair a fence, muck the corral, dig a hole to sink the ducks pool. This morning comes and Brandon is the only one here. Kenny turned his phone off and didn't show up til 11:30 then announced that he has to leave in 30 minutes.

    Ken told him to take his stuff with him. THEN!!! Kenny calls his dad and says he will be back over to help. He showed up at 6 pm!!!! Kenny said he had been packing. His dad told him to unpack and give the key back.

    And throughout the day, there is Brandon and Ken out back with a jack hammer trying to get a destroyed post out of the ground and both of them did the fence. Hole never got dug. Kenny was at a party all day.

    So, youngsters out there, when you parents tell you they have had enough you need to follow the rules or leave - BELIEVE THEM!
  2. I follow the rules...once in awhile...on occasion...depending on my mood. xD
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    You're right, Debi...
    It comes as a real big shock when mom and dad finally put their foot down...
    OOh well.. teaches them a little life lesson called responsibility...
    Hopefully he got the point..
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    Quote:We made it perfectly clear from day one, when we moved, no more getting away with being lazy and sloppy. Each one of the kids are required to do their equal share around here. Not one kid has more or less to do. I just couldn't believe he actually thought he would get away with that!!!! 19 years old!
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    Always thought my Mom and Dad were the stupidest things to ever draw air----UNTIL

    I had kids of my own-----------

    Then I knew they were geniouses.
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    [​IMG] You are my hero! [​IMG]

    I want to be like you....but I am not doing very well at it...
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    We had to give one the boot when he didn't believe that he had to help out. He finally admitted, several years later, that it was the best thing we could have done for him. He now has a great work ethic and is a responsible young man. There were many times when I thought I'd never live to see the day. There's a lot to be said for the School of Hard Knocks, when other schools fail. But it's certainly not an easy step for a parent to take, like pushing the baby bird out of the nest.
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    Quote:You reach a point where the continued sense of entitlement either stops or they go. Sara keeps the house clean during the week and the boys have yard work, usually only on Saturdays, but we just moved in and there is a bunch to do. After that it will be a piece of cake.

    Sara's boyfriend has been here throughout the move and getting things the way we want them too. He has been so helpful, got mad at Kenny yesterday and told him he wasn't going to help today. So Kenny called him and said that Ken was mad because he didn;t show up. That could not be further from the truth. That young man has been nothing but helpful!!! So now we are ticked at him for lying! [​IMG]
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    Yep, Steven is on a tangent again,, every time he starts hanging around with a certain group suddenly I'm the evil one. Here we again,,, he got in trouble for lying to me Friday night,, but I had told him I'd let him use to truck to go to a birthday party Saturday night, have it home at 11. So I get a text all in caps that there has been an emergency and they are taking someone to the hospital, DO NOT CALL HIM! Hah! I texted him and told him I wanted the truck home so drop it off and he said they were already on the way to El Paso and he had the keys,, to get over myself. The spare key has an alarm it that the battery is dead in so I couldn't even go repossess my own truck! He got home close to midnight, told me the girl fell and hit her head when she fainted due to dehydration,, broke her wrist too. I told him that if he had just called and said Hey,, so and so got hurt I want to go the hospital with her I'll leave the keys with the truck I would have said fine and gone and gotten my truck. Today he went over to the other friend's house when I was gone,, and it went downhill from there! Debi let's find a childless place and move!! When Steven gets back from AIT he has about 2 months before he's supposed to start college,, and we haven't heard back yet on that! I'm not going to tolerate this anymore.
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    my oldest is about to find that out himself..he used a screwdriver to get past the lock on my new freezer, so he could steal an entire box of popsicles, after sneaking up all night on the computer and then mouthing me for me saying anything...he has 6 months until hes a legal adult and i cant wait, if hes going to act like this.

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