Young Bantam roos need homes.


10 Years
Jun 30, 2009
Burleson, TX
In March we bought a half dozen bantam chicks. Of course, three of them ended up being roos. They are gorgeous but we can not keep all of them. We have a regular sized roo and other hens as well. For now they seem to get along, but not for long, I am sure. I live in North Texas near the DFW area. I would be willing to travel to meet someone a reasonable distance. They are all handsome and pretty tame. I am going to keep one of them (not pictured). One is a Seabright Bantam. One appears to be a Barbu d'Uccle (I am not certain of this but I think so) and the other is probably a Red Cochin Bantam. I have included pictures to help verify their breeds. I would love to find them good homes. I really want to keep them but I know the current state of peace won't last forever.
If you are interested in the Red Cochin, I will get a better picture of him. He is much fluffier now than in this picture.
42457.jpeg 42459.jpeg IMG_20190724_181301053.jpg IMG_20190526_181826435.jpg IMG_20190724_181442904_BURST000_COVER.jpg

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