Young Bantam Rooster

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    Mar 3, 2012
    I'm looking to find a new home for Spearow, my young rooster. I'm only having to let him go because I have too many roosters. He was born 8-15-17. I believe he's as big as he'll get, other than his comb and wattles filling out, and he will likely get some yellow markings as he ages, as his relatives have. He is 3/4 Belgian bearded d'Uccle and 1/4 booted bantam. I've bred his relatives of this same breed mix: they make beautiful birds with great temperaments, and the hens are decent egg layers! I would prefer he go to a home where he will be kept as a backyard pet or on a farm. He is not used to free-ranging (I have bad predators here) so I would prefer his new home have a coop if free-ranging, or stay in a run. He's too little to cook and eat! I would prefer his new owner to send me a little update on him every once in a while. :) Again, he's a wonderful young bird, no problems at all. He has never even tried to fight my other roosters and he's great with the hens. He's a little people-shy, but otherwise has a great personality!

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