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    I have three 17 week old Brahmas.....I still can't tell for sure if pullet or cockerel, although I am leaning towards 2 pullets and 1 cockerel. All of the pictures I find on here are very young (under 10 weeks) or full sized.

    Does anyone have 15-20 week old Brahma pictures? Both light and buff. All three were badly picked as youngsters so their tail feathers are just now growing back in, making sexing even harder!
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    This is my 16 week old brahma pullet - small comb, no wattles yet.



    This is the last picture I have of my light brahma roo (had to rehome once he started crowing).
    He's only 13 weeks here, but you can see how he already has a larger, red comb & you can see his red wattles:


    even younger here - he is only 11 weeks
    (edited to add - my chickens do not have large rocks in their pens - this was taken when they were out free-ranging and he had left the grass)
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