Young chicken breathing heavy and can’t stand


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Jun 19, 2018
Hi, I have a young 6 month old Silver American lace top Wyandotte. She has suddenly gone from a spirited young hen to not being able to stand and I can hear her breathing. We have snow and sharp frost in England so I have bought her inside in a cage. She has shuffled to water and drank loads but not eating. Heavy breathing still and just laying unable to stand even with help. More concerning is they have been in a new covered area as we have bird flu in the uk too but showing no signs of it otherwise. All other birds 13 are all fine as normal. Any suggestions? . Thanks in advance for any help 🙂🙂

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How is she doing?

Is she able to poop? I would first feel inside her vent about 1-2" to make sure she's not egg bound.

She's drinking a lot of water - what is her crop like?

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