Young Chicken dropped by hawk


11 Years
Apr 23, 2010
Hi Everyone!

A friend of mine has a chickens that are maybe 2 months old. Yesterday one was picked up by a hawk, my friend ran towards it and the hawk dropped the chicken from maybe a height of 4 ft. Other than a hurt leg (don't think it is broke) it seemed ok and is drinking water. Today though the inner lid (terminology ??) is showing and not sure what this could be a sign of or what can be done. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank You!


6 Years
Mar 27, 2013
waverly ohio
sometimes the inner lid shows from stress. sometimes they are just resting. and sometimes it is trying to moisturize or clean the eye.

just in case the hawk carried in some sort of disease separate the wounded bird from the rest of the flock. also when a bird gets injured the rest of the flock tends to pick on it.
if I had to guess when it was dropped it probably injured its eye. watch it closely for a couple of days, if it doesn't get better then you might need to start an antibiotic.

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