Young chicken not growing and very unsteady


6 Years
Sep 20, 2013
I was wondering if anyone could help me. We bought 3 young (around 8 week) speckledys about 2 months ago to join our 3 fully grown warrens. 2 of the young speckeldys are fine and have grown normally but one of them has barely grown at all. She is very unsteady on her feet, she falls over all the time and cant even walk down the garden without falling. She appears as though she is almost drunk/very dizzy.
We have noticed that she gets picked on a little bit by the warrens, especially when we put corn out for them.

Does anyone know what it could be that causes her lack of growth and dizziness?
No her feathers seem to be fine. Her comb hasn't grown at all though (probably because she is still so small)
Subscribed because I have a runt who behaves in a similar way. She's doesn't look dizzy but she is unsteady and seems to move in slow motion. She eats and drinks normally.
Well I came home and found my little one dead. I hope your chick pulls through. If anyone has any suggestions as to what may have caused it I'd be glad to hear it. :(
Is there a chance she may have coccidia? If you haven`t given Corid lately I would give that a try if it was my chicken. She may be so wobbly because of lack of nutrition, I`m just grasping at straws. But I`d figure that if its coccidia, then shes not getting what she needs from her feed. Good luck with your chick.

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