young chicken started laying now stopped

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  1. sallyjayd

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    May 18, 2009
    How long can she goes between laying? I feed them 2 red sex-links, 1 barren rock mix, 1 RiR, 1 cornish rock. twice a day about 2 cups each with oyster shells (mostly left behind) Free range now (until neighbors complain, we so far have great neighbors) [​IMG] [​IMG]
    All but the RIR started the egg squat (I love that dance)

    only 1 red sex-link (21weeks??) started laying like august 19 laid 20, skipped the 21 laid again on 22 23 24 but hasn't laid anything since the 24 . on the days she laid it was very dependable at 10:30ever day. they just got to be a nice size. but now nothing.... [​IMG]
    Is this normal should or should and pet her up, or start looking places for her eggs.
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    May 11, 2009
    Orange, Texas
    free-range --- means you have to be alert on the ever-present secret nest

    chickens are sneaky critters [​IMG]
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    Quote:Chickens should be given access to feed and water all day long. Maybe this is your problem? Are they getting layer feed?
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    Oct 31, 2008
    Also be on the lookout for an eggeater. if someone is home all day, listen for the egg song and check on them frequently.
    We recently had to cull 5 young roosters when we discovered eggeating going on-- our egg production had mysteriously dropped! When the roosters left, the eggs started appearing again.
    dang youn roosters:(
  5. sallyjayd

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    May 18, 2009
    yes I feed layer/oyster shells with that darn cornish rock I can't keep food out she eats it all. she's always hungry (I sometimes wish my husband just would do her in) [​IMG] .

    I feed them 2 cups morning layer/oyster shells really it more like 4 cups with the cornish eating 2 cups and the rest sharing 2 cup and
    then sometime mid day (what ever I had for lunch (boy do they love peanuts) I love hand feeding them, trying to teach the duck (not into me as much as I though he be) to eat out of my hand. he took a peanut 2 days ago but nothing since.

    Then another 2 cups at night layer/oyster shells really it more like 4 cups with the cornish eating 2 cups and the rest sharing 2 cups

    water is always around

    don't have any roosters.

    trying to get the husband to put a top on the wire because they just fly over.
    just can't find the time so I can pen them in for now to see if the eggs stopped or just hiding.

    how long is normal between eggs in a just starting out red-sexlink.

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  6. sallyjayd

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    May 18, 2009
    I just started to keep food out at all times as of 9/08/09 as I didn't think I had to since they were "free range and I thiought They would have planty to eat I do think I see a different in the amount of eggs but now my problem is:

    I found a small egg in our dog igloo we have on the porch (for the neighbor's barn cats) the other day I think Tuesday?! [​IMG] .

    Husband was afraid of it [​IMG]

    I know it wasn't there any longer then 48 hours I think I might have checked there so I think it was even in the 24hr range??
    BUT we marked it and put it in the nest box.

    I think I have 3 hens laying or about to lay (all doing the egg squat)
    I got 1 small egg Wednesday nest box & got a really BIG egg in the nest box yesterday Thursday) and a thought oh good they are using their boxes..

    NOW I found a nest today with 3 eggs in it Today in my cellar window box. NEVER thought to look there before [​IMG]
    It is raining now and it is out of the rain and out of the sun (I think)
    One was just laid. It was still very warm and still wet. and she was hanging out there squalling. I came back when she was just leaving to see 3 eggs. [​IMG]

    She hasn't laid (well I haven't found them) any for about week to 2 weeks?. But I have been finding lots of shell less eggs laying around the yard under the porch & in their coop.

    How can I tell how long the eggs have been there?

    I heard about the float test about if they sink. So I got the one we put in the nest box (5 days ago) that we marker (thinking it would at least float some but they all sank straight to the bottom. no hesitation they don't even bob. Does this mean that they are all ok to eat? Or is this to tell if they are not fertile?

    I have no roosters but a duck who I have seen try to mount them.

    please advise how long is to long to find a nest in the shade? [​IMG]
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  7. goldielocks

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    Sep 2, 2009
    I would never withhold feed. My girls have access to their feed 24/7 and they get treats all the time. They also free range for a couple of hours each night then go back in before dark. My girls started laying at 16 & 17 weeks old. Keep their bellys full and they will be happier more productive chickens.
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    Oct 1, 2008
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    Feed for layers should be all they can eat. Feed and energy intake is a direct relationship to production. You might cut out some of the treat stuff if they are getting to fat.

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