young chicken stopped laying

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    Feb 16, 2008
    One of our white rocks started laying at 18 weeks. She layed for 3 weeks and has stopped. The first week she layed in the nest box. The 2nd and 3rd she jumped over the partition into Our area of the henhouse- where we store bedding, food, water tub, and the human sized doors leading in. She hit under a leaning board. She seemed to be attached to our old heat lamp bulb that was on the floor. She followed it around and pushed it beside her. A couple other chickens jumped over and bothered her....she seemed to lay for 3-4 hours. We had some problems with egg pecking so we had to go in frequently to collect the other eggs. The last time she layed was about a week ago. She laid in her spot for about 4 hours, no egg. Came back and eventually layed an egg at 8:30 at night. When I went back at midnight to turn lights off she was back. She got up when I turned the lights off and hasn't been back since.

    She was acting a little moody (broody?) When we had to go past she would make some trlling noises and puff up really big. She isn't acting sick or anything. Is it normal for a chicken to lay and then stop?? She laid 1 egg a day- lots of double yolks. She was our first to lay (out of 23). She's 22 weeks now.


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