young Cochins dying

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    Jun 25, 2009
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    I have a problem that I can't seem to find an answer for. It's occurring in about 4 months old Cochin bantams......One day they are fine, the next they are humped up, head down, feathers ruffled, crop empty. Usually the next day they are dead. No sign of respiratory, etc problems. No problems with dirty rears. There are no indications of sickness at all prior to finding them ruffled up with heads sunk down. They have high quality starter/grower crumbles and clean water 24/7. They are on wire, have not been on the ground at all. I wormed all with Wazine anyway. The strangest part is they feel like they are extremely poor.....keel is very pronounced.....very light weight. I am not new to livestock at all but this is a puzzle. My Wyandotte bantams are fine...the other young stuff is fine. This problem is happening with Cochins only. If someone has a suggestion or explanation I would dearly love to hear it. Thanks so much.
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    You need to have a necropsy done on one of them. It could be a genetic problem.

    At four months it is not unusual to find them rather boney, just like puppies during the rapid growth they can appear very lean.

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