Young Cotton Patch/American Goose

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    Jun 18, 2009
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    We have a nice grey goose available (old enough to start laying this spring). She is half Cotton Patch/half American Blue. Our dominant gander, Fred, got to our new CTP goose, Lucy, before she really paired up with our CTP gander, Ricky. Thus, we had one baby born who's a distinctly darker "grey" instead of the standard "dove grey", has an orange beak & feet instead of pink, and is bigger than any of the CTPs but smaller than the Americans. She would mix very well into a mixed breed flock, her mother was a wonderful layer and setter. She been "trained" in the CTP way of weeding and flying from predators, so she should be pretty self-reliant. If you have any other questions about her let us know!

    She is available for pick-up or delivery, but not shipping.

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