Young drake chasing hen...just curious...


May 13, 2018
The 'too much sunshine' sunshine state
Hello again, just another newbie question by second year duck owner. :p

So I have two ducks that are around 1 year old; a hen and a drake. I also have their babies, who are several months old now, hatched in May. When I went out to check on them a little while ago, I saw that one of my younger drakes was chasing the year old hen. He was doing it even more this evening when I was out again. He didn't catch her, though.

Is this normal? I know the hens are expected to lay in spring, and I for some reason assumed I'd see more of this behavior in the spring as well. However, is it just possible it's hormones kicking in, or maybe he's feeling lively? None of the other drakes are chasing any hens, either. Nor is my year old drake chasing her.

We've been getting some colder weather lately, whereas it's been pretty warm up until now.

Thanks! Just thought I'd ask you guys.

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