Young flock with 2 issues

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    May 11, 2011
    I have a flock of 21 hens and 2 Roos they are 21 weeks old. The first issue is they are not laying yet the roos have not started crowing. I'm not sure if it is a slow down due to season but all of our other flocks typically have laid by now.
    My second issue is a sick hen she is just puffed up and slow moving. We separated her from the others last night to watch her.
    Any advice appreciated!
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    Feb 24, 2009
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    Hello Jen!

    I was wondering what breed of chickens you have. Some breeds, like the laying hybrids can start as early as 17 weeks, but some larger breeds may wait until 25 weeks. Same with crowing--the larger breeds can take longer to mature. My rooster is a lavender Orpington. He looked like a big chubby baby for the longest time, and it took him quite a while to start crowing.

    Now, you are right in thinking the weather could be involved in the delay. Here in Ohio, it's now dark at 5pm. (Boo!) I'm still getting eggs because I light my coop until 8:30, but if you don't light your coop, it might take longer for your pullets to start laying. I hear some even wait until spring, although, I've always gotten some eggs, even though I didn't always light my coop.

    I know you're probably already watching your flock for signs of illness, since you've got a sick hen. I hope that's not why, but illness will definitely affect egg production.

    One sure way to know they're getting ready to lay, is to reach out and try and pet one of your pullets. If they do a very hard squatting pose, they're going to lay for you within two weeks.

    Wish I had advice regarding your puffed up hen. Any other symptoms coming on?
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    Did all your other flocks reach POL (21 weeks) at the end of November?

    Day length affects sexual maturity - for both pullets and cockerels.

    As for the sick pullet, slow and puffed up could be 50 different things. No other symptoms, lab work, no way of knowing.
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