Young, Hansome, Show Quality Roosters for Sale

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    Jul 23, 2010
    If you have a flock of hens and/or pullets, and need a rooster, then you may have just found him! We have several very nice, tame, show quality roosters for sale. They are all about 3 months old. There's quite a selection too: we have 5 Australorps and 1 beautiful Single Comb Brown Leghorn. They are super, super tame....just waiting for a nice flock of hens or someone who wants them as pets. They'll eat right out of your hand, have never even tried to attack us, and are a joy to have around. They're not full grown but already quite big: the perfect size and age for taming and getting to know, which is the key to having a non-agressive rooster.

    We also have four 1-year-old roosters. One is free, just because his feathers haven't quite grown back yet, after a fight with another rooster a few months back, but when they do, he'll be a gorgeous barred rock rooster! Come pick him up if you want him.

    We can deliver any of the roosters to the Cortez area, and if you're not familiar with how to deal with roosters, I'd be more than happy to pass on a few tips and tricks. Having a tame, non-aggressive rooster is actually quite easy.

    We are in Pleasant View, which is located about 20 miles N of Cortez, Colorado.

    Pickup and delivery only.

    Email or PM me for questions and phone #.
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    If you're speaking of the bird in the first photo as your Leghorn, he is not a Leghorn. Leghorns have white earlobes.

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