Young Hen acting oddly


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7 Years
Mar 22, 2012
New Hampshire
I have a 1yo auracana that has been acting strange for a few days. She is sitting/perching with her butt elevated, she feels a little thin, and is holding her wings out, and isn't as active as she normally is. When she stands her wings droop. I have her in the house now, have given her 2 baths (incase of being egg bound), she is under heat and I am giving her electrolytes and ac vinegar in her water. She seems normal, by this i mean that she is alert, eating and drinking and her poops are normal looking (no worms) but very stinky. Does anyone have any ideas?
Her poops are normal greenish and white, not runny, and her crop seems full, but I am fairly new to chickens (only 1.5 years) so I will look into sour crop.
Thanks for the replies, all advice is very appreciated

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