young hen broody again!

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    Aug 20, 2016
    In October my about 6-7 months old bantam decided to sit on eggs. Unfortunately eggs were either infertile or stopped developing quite early. Nevertheless she sat on eggs for about 25-26 days. I got a rooster just this summer and I haven't experience with broody hens or hatching yet, so I didn't interrupt much, but I did candle the eggs then and after some 10 days of hatching it seemed there is no development... But the hen was very committed and I was busy and so it went until she gave up.
    But now she is broody again!
    There isn't even many eggs under her, just 3 and a golf ball. One of the eggs is hers, others she just rolled under her (I have only one large community nesting box).
    I even don't know if the eggs are fertile, because it is winter here and the rooster is a Wyandotte (of unknown age).
    Should I somehow stop the hen being broody?
    I would like 2-3 chicks, but I don't want her to sit for nothing another month in case the eggs are not fertile/not developing again.
    And the weather might get very cold for a long period (but it can stay around 0 Celsius until spring, I can never know).
    What should I do?
    Will she continue to get broody every second month?
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    Jan 30, 2015
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    Broody hens will sit of fresh air - no eggs are necessary to trigger broodiness.

    Here's a link to see if your cockbird is doing his thing -

    To break a bird from her broodiness - type "broody buster" in the search box.

    I'm not sure if she will continue with her cycle of broodiness, but I have a broody that goes broody every 2 weeks [​IMG] She drives me nuts!

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