Young hen, diarrhea, sleepy, butt up- and 2 soft shelled eggs within 1 HOUR

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    Apr 20, 2019
    Hi All- Glad to have found you- I'm a new chicken owner (8 months) and my girls have been healthy ... until today. I have 2 groups- my original "single ladies" who are about 8 months old and two others that are a few months younger and haven't been integrated just yet - one is a roo (He was supposed to be a girl, but ...Surprise!) and the other is the hen I'm writing about today. Tons of questions on that topic, but that's for later.

    Punkin, my littlest, has been fatigued/sleepy all day, low energy when normally she's very active, with watery stools. Her comb is pale and she is eating little, drinking occasionally. She is holding her rear end up (while standing, on a perch, or even when snoozing) and has been doing this all day.


    She is sometimes panting and overall quiet, no difficulty breathing, and moving slowly. I have her indoors in AC so it's not heat related.

    We have been watching her closely all day, and then the eggs started appearing...

    She passed a smallish (normal size for her at present) thin/rubbery egg today at 4:59pm Eastern but didn't seem any better- still fatigued, panting, butt up and no real interest in food. Then she passed a 2nd egg- identical to the first, at 5:56pm, less than an hour later. This is not her first abnormal egg-sometimes her eggs are normal, and she's had a monster one also) but I didn't think it was possible for one chicken to have two eggs so close together time wise!

    The day after she dropped her first egg, she went on commercial layer feed, and only treats are grapes- two a day but she doesn't always want them- not very food driven. She has eggshells and oyster calcium available at all times. Bedding is pine shavings.

    After the 2nd egg, she is finally showing interest in food and acting more like herself, so I'm breathing just a little easier than I was when I started this post but I'm worried about my little girl. Any help you can offer about how to help her regulate the egg situation would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your time and help.
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    Soft shelled or rubber eggs can be very hard to pass and can make them feel unwell. Sounds like one got 'delayed' and the second one caught up. It could just be a glitch in the system, which sometimes happens with new layers, while their bodies get things worked out. You can give her a calcium supplement, which may help. Liquid calcium is absorbed faster, but a tums ground up and mixed in some feed or cooked egg will work also. Keep an eye on her and hopefully it won't happen again and her body will get things worked out.
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    Apr 20, 2019
    Thanks! I'll try that! Much appreciated!

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