Young hen fluffed, sick acting, no other apparent symptoms


14 Years
Apr 1, 2008
I was given some White rockchickens about 3 weeks ago and have been battling some kind of sickness with them. Two died, two pulled out of it. About 5 months old approx. not sure exactly. They are Lethargic, fluffed, not eating, and have a watery-white stool with hint of dark in it.Have dewormed, treated with sulmet(in case of cocc.) and treated for mites. One hen is sick still and not pulling out of it and I am afraid I am going to lose her. They are being kept in wire floor cage for now. Feed layer/grain mix. Been treating with sulmet and been giving her yogurt/sugar/egg. Got chilled from not getting out of rain. Brought inside and warming. No runny nose. Is definatley losing weight over the last couple of days. No clue what is wrong with her, but had seval over the last three weeks get it, but not all at once.
BTW could it be the mites killing them? This is their second treatment for them.
I was wondering because she is also very pale-almost white.
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Possibly Marek's Disease. Unfortunately their symptoms fit any number of diseases. Try dark leafy greens (like spinach), apple cider vinegar, and hypericum. The ACV needs to be mixed in the water (1-2 tbsp per gallon) and the hypericum requires a special dilution. Check my site for the dilution: it's under "green treats and homeopathic remedies." Good luck! Sorry for your losses, but you're doing a good job. Sometimes all you can do is wait out the disease.

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