Young hen having feathers on head pecked off!

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  1. MissRaychel91

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    Jul 15, 2018
    I have a small young black bantam cochin who now has a bald spot right on the top of her head. Either the rooster (also a black cochin bantam) is pulling them out when he's mating with her or the other 2, which are white silkie bantams, are pecking them out. She's much smaller than all the others and is just the sweetest thing I've ever seen but the other girls bully her. And now that it's completely bald when the silkie girls are being mean to her they are now hitting her bare skin. I'm afraid she's going to start bleeding soon... Is there anything I can get to put on her skin to make them stop? Like a cream? Or something to help her feathers grow back?
    I have absolutely no way to separate them
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    Try Blu kote. It will make her skin blue but won't hurt her at all. The blue is not as attractive to peck at. Hopefully they will leave her alone! Warning though, the blu kote can stain things, esp fingers for a few days! Good luck
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    Wear gloves to apply Blu Kote!
    I didn’t realize it would stain and had to go to work with blue fingers for a day or two.
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  4. tripletfeb

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    How is she doing?
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    Apr 17, 2019
    Definitely wear gloves with bluekote, but you can also get pick no more stuff and I find pine tar is working form mine.
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  6. I have found that alcohol pads will clean off blukote (well, the liquid Blue Lotion version from Farnam) pretty easily, and if you can get to soap and water quickly enough after you get it on your skin, it will also just wash off. I use the liquid version because it's easier to control the placement and amount, and there's also no worry about the aerosol fumes, too. I guess it's possible that the BluKote itself is harder to clean off, but the Blue Lotion I use is not that hard to get off of your skin with the alcohol pads if you can't get it washed off in time.

    Edited to add this:
    I've never used gloves to put the Blue Lotion on, so I've often gotten it almost everywhere, LOL. I learned quickly what would clean it off, from necessity. What you really need to worry about is what you're wearing at the time, because it WILL stain clothing if you can't get it pulled off and scrubbed in time.
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    How old is this young Cochin?
    How old is the rooster?

    Even though blue kote, pick no more or similar problems will hide redness and/or treat minor wounds, they will not necessarily prevent picking and address the heart of the problem that you have - you have a pullet that is being picked on.
    More space may help. I realize you mention there is absolutely no way to separate them, but we may still be able to give you some creative suggestions if you can provide some photos of your set-up and tell us the size of your coop/run (sqft of each)
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    Jul 15, 2018
    Sorry! I'm just now getting on here...thanks for all the replies!
    So they are all 9 months, they were shipped together from day 1 and raised together everyday.
    She is just so tiny compared to everyone else, she reminds me of me, when I was young.
    I have always been very short and small and was picked on and bullied when I was younger. So I make sure to spend extra time with her. We'll go off bug hunting just the 2 of us! Lol
    The run is very new, and im so busy that I haven't even finished it, so there's not really any enrichment in there, which im sure could fix everything...
    I'll go and pick up some of that blue stuff tomorrow! And I'll try and get some pics of the run, coop, and chickens too if wanted!
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  9. MissRaychel91

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    Jul 15, 2018
    I would love some ideas though, the floor of the run still hasn't been finished but I may can add something fun in the meantime..

    And with the whole floor not being done, well when we had the run built nobody noticed how DIRTY the dirt was, the were millions of tiny pieces of junk everywhere inside all the dirt... like teeny tiny pieces of glass, plastic, carpet fibers, burlap sack fibers, old filter and sponge pieces, metal scraps... just all kinds of stuff which they were eating!!!
    So I was forced to shovel out over a foot of the dirt, which there is still stuff that far down! So now I have to fill it all back in with clean dirt to cover it up and im doing it all by myself!:barnie
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    Sep 26, 2015
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    Yep. We found where the previous owner had been digging holes and putting KITTY LITTER in plastic grocery bags (hens digging them and finding them) and covering them up - where I put the run. And many other things. That wasn't the only trash pile. Would it REALLY have been that hard to put it in the garbage?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!
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