young hen hurt, will be ok?

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    Jun 15, 2009
    I feel sa. A few hours ago, my husband forgot the hens were out free ranging., and let out his hunting beagles, who killed one, and injured another on the leg. The 40 month old barred rock. The injury, I think, is only a leg, and she is limping, walking, but limping. She is scared she went to a corner of the bottom hen house, underneath, and is hiding in the corner. She comes out, but scares easily. If her leg is injured to the point where she keeps limping or is broken, will she be still be ok? Hoe will I know if it is broken.? I placed fresh food and water in the coop, before O closed them in for th enight. Any insights would be great.
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    How is she doing?

    A couple weeks ago, one of our Mastiffs caught one of his favorite bantam cochin pullets. The pullet was flapping/flying around, flew over the fence and the Mastiff caught her like a ball. He did not puncture her skin, but did twist her leg or pulled her tendon. She was limping. I brought her into the house for a week, for 2 days she was confined in a small crate so she did not have to move much - food/water in reach. Then I moved her to a larger brooder, where she hobbled around for a bit. She is now back out with her sister and has no limp.

    If her leg is broken you should be able to feel it. I would bring her in, or put her in her own space (if she has a buddy, you can put them together) - restrict her movement so she can heal. Just think about how you feel when injured - how much moving about you really want to do. Taking her out of the coop, will reduce her stress as the other might/will pick on her and force her to move around or "hide".

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