Young Hen, Very Deep Back Wound with Scaly Bald Spot

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  1. Eldergoddess

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    Nov 14, 2014
    Young Hen (hatched Feb 2014), Golden Laced Wyandotte, I don't know here weight, I would guess about 4.5 - 5 pounds (same size as her sister)

    Behavior; Normal though slow walking when I call the flock for treats doesn't run like everyone else (but this is normal for her)

    2-3 days

    No other birds are showing symptoms, flock size 14 Young Hens.

    Its pretty bad. running from the left to right across the top of her back just behind the wing joints there is a 1" -1.5" wide gash with the top layer of skin folded back on it self. You can see the muscle of the birds back. There is a smaller gash on the left side about half way down her side on top of her back between the large gash and her tail.(not worried about the small one) Both wounds are caked in mud, though her back is of normal temp and isn't hot, though it smells a bit from the mud (our mud has a funky smell to it even when you just dig a hole for a post) Then she has a bad scaly bald spot running down towards her tail on the same side of the little wound. Both wounds look to be 2-3 days old.

    I am guessing that she tried to get under some barbed wire that runs between us and the neighbors and got suck.

    eating and drinking normal as far as I know.

    poop normal though smelly

    Cleaned wounds the best I cold with warm water, and first aid mix vet suggested for use on my dog's wounds. (different bottle though) made of watar, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and betadine. Then put some first aid ointment, and vaseline to help with the dryness of the skin.

    I would like to treat here at home if possible, I think it might be to late for stitches, since the wound is a few days old, but if people feel that she needs a vet visit then I will take her to the vet. Though the nearest bird vet is 45 minutes or more away. Though I would first call around to the local vet offices and see if since I live in a more farming town that one of them might be able to treat her locally. The vet I take my dog to, doesn't do birds.

    Photo to come in morning/afternoon

    8.5' x 12' coop, no run (will be building one after we get the siding on the coop) free range

    -----Other Notes----

    She is a Reserved Champion, so I don't want her to have a nasty big bump on her back come next show season, if it can be helped.

    I am temped to give her a warm bath at the house and blow dry her to help get all that dirt and mud out of the wound but its been really cold here so I don't want to give her a bath if I can help it but its really hard to get the dirt out.

    And why with such a bad wound that the other girls didn't peck at the wound and/or kill her I don't know.

    I feel bad for not finding it sooner, but I chalk it up to me being a first time chicken owner.

    Here is a photo of her after her first show:
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    Separate her from everyone else so they can not peck her, because they likely will. Keep it cleaned out well and covered with a salve of sorts to keep out dirt. If she starts acting listless or in shock, give her electrolytes, sugar water, or plain pedalyte. Plain yogurt and scrambled eggs if she does not want to eat. Make sure she is crapping and what not normally, because this sounds like a serious wound that could give her a lot of stress. You may want to have her where everyone else can see her but not touch her so they will have less pecking order issues when she gets better and is with them again.
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    Nov 15, 2014
    He's so fuzzy!!!
    By how bad the wound sounds she will most likely have a scare and a bump from the wound when it heals but you never know. A raccoon attacked our buff laced polish and made a wound so deep you could see her bones. She ended up healing with no bumps or scares.
    It sounds like you are treating her right. Just separate her into a warm area and keep putting medication on the wounds. I would bandage the wounds to keep it moist and prevent any bugs from making it worse.
    It would be just find to give her a warm bath as long as you gave her a warm place to dry. That's what I would do.
  4. mymilliefleur

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    Nov 4, 2014
    East Tennessee.
    I have dealt with back wounds like this many times usually caused by roosters spurs, and once or twice by a fox. I would definitely give her a bath and keep her in the house if possible. treats and such will keep her in good spirits. injured chickens usually are slower and eat less then normal. As long as she keeps perky I would not take her to the vet, as the drive will stress her even more.
  5. Eldergoddess

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    Nov 14, 2014
    Update: Our girl is all healed, and now gone broody.

    98% of her feathers have grown back in. And has very limited scaring and no massive bump.

    I never did give her a bath, my dad wouldn't have been pleased with having a chicken in the house overnight. He wasn't pleased about having the bird in the house to be given first aid and my dog was a little to interested in what we where doing with the bird in the bathroom.

    It also didn't help that I found out that all my girls had worms. Which as soon as I figured that out the next day I bought dewormer and treated them.

    She is has happy and perky as very and still is a little pain when you try and take her eggs from her.

    Thanks everyone. :)
  6. Free Feather

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    Good to hear she is better. That sucks about your dad not wanting the chicken inside. I know that feeling.

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