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    Oct 31, 2014
    Hi all! I'm brand new to raising chickens. I live in a semi-rural area in South Florida on 1.5 acres and free range on our property.

    I have had two chickens about a month. They've been great! We get at least one egg/day, sometimes two if they both lay. Yesterday I added a third hen from the same breeder I got the first two from. She's younger, not laying yet but definitely not a chick either. Other than her seeming a bit scared and confused about her new place, she seemed ok. She even ventured out behind the coop and was scratching around.

    This morning when I opened the coop the other chickens were in their roosts and excited for breakfast time. The little one just sat on the floor. (Which, my husband said when he put them up last night the other two were in their roosts, and she just sat on the floor in the same place I found her.) I picked her up and noticed one eye completely closed and the other kinda milky looking. Both have watery discharge. She is super lethargic. I put food in front of her and she fell asleep in the bowl.

    I have her separated in the garage now. She just stays wherever I put her and goes back to sleep. I called the guy we got her from, and he said he had a hen about her age that was bitten by a mosquito about five weeks ago and went through the same symptoms and is now fine. Could that be it? Or is it more likely coryza? He has chickens, ducks, and emus that all free range and they all seem very healthy.

    If it is something like coryza and she dies in the next day or two, is she safe to eat or should we bury her? Sorry if it's a weird question, but overall we do have them for food and eggs.

    Thank you!
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    Welcome to BYC. I would not eat her since she seems to have an infection. She does need to be separated from your flock immediately. I would recommend either taking her back to the breeder, or putting her down, and disposing of her body. Hopefully, your other two aren't carriers of whatever she has, but MG and coryza are 2 diseases that cause swelling eyes with drainage. Bad odor might lean more toward coryza. I wouldn't get any more chickens from him, but try to find a healthy hen or some chicks next spring. Always quarantine new birds away from your flock for at least 30 days to monitor for diseases. Here is a link to read about the diseases and symptoms:

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