Young hens and a chick


7 Years
Apr 9, 2012
I have 5 young chickens...probably hens. They were hatched the end of March and early April this year. After a tragic loss, I acquired another a month later. I want to introduce the newest member into our big run soon. Today, this newest spent a few hours in an enclosed pen within the main run. There was a lot curiosity by some, others could care less. Since the older chickens are relatively young, I want to know if there are special or unique things to consider in getting them to co-habitate. Do I follow the same protocol? I am worried since I have read about the difficulties of introducing a single newbe.
We also have three ducks.
Thanks for your help everyone!
Introduce her and keep an eye on them. They may push her around a bit to establish pecking order. Some treats to distract them will help a bit
I saw an article somewhere that suggested the chicks of different ages should be kept separate but near each other for at least 2-3 weeks. Then, when you get ready to put the newcomer In with the established flock, do it after they have gone to sleep. The theory (I guess) is that they wake up and say oh well, I must know you since you're here now. The article also said be very alert for signs of pecking although it might take a little jostling around to establish the new order.
I have not gone thought this yet, but probably will next year so I can test these theories out.
Good luck!

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