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    Aug 11, 2014
    if you guys are interested i am simply selling them to get rid of them because we have to move and can't take them with us and want to make sure that they go to a good home. all of them are young and just started to lay in november/december.

    i have:
    hens: - $10
    1 dark cornish
    1 light brahma
    1 Partridge plymouth rock
    3 gold laced polish
    1 silver laced polish

    roosters - $5
    1 rhode island red
    1 silky
    2 silky/polish mix
    1 silver laced polish

    2 royal palm turkeys - $15
    2 sweet grass turkeys - $15

    8 ducks (4 boys and 4 girls) they are paired up so they have to go together. $15 per pair

    and 1 goose (she is my baby and will absolutely break my heart to give her up) - priceless. i honestly don't know how much to charge for her. i just need her to go to a really good loving home. she has been thru a lot :'(
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