Young Lady Amherst Pheasants

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    May 31, 2011
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    I have been holding onto some of my young pheasants to grow out and be old enough to sex. The father came from a breeder in Toledo, OH and the 2 females came from a breeder in Northern Virginia. I have 1 male and 2 females. The females are actually quite friendly and will walk up to you looking for food. The male is a little more on the jumpy side. They are roughly 4-5 months old. They came from the same parents so I wouldn't recommended breeding them even though there were 2 females in the pen. You are more than welcome to look at the parents when/if you come to get the young. The male is in full feather and his tail is almost 3 feet long now. Females are in full feather as well.

    I am asking $35 for the male and $40 each for the females. If you purchase more than one bird you will get a discount.

    If you have any questions about the young or parents feel free to ask!

    **the pictures of the full feathered adult lady amherst is the father and he is NOT for sale. All others are pictures of his offspring. Photos of mothers are available if wanted. If you would like to see more pictures of the parents visit our website at
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