Young Lavender Orpington Rooster Wanted


Oct 14, 2010
Jefferson, Oregon
Hi Everyone, new to BYC but excited to be here!!! 3 weeks ago, I received an order of some specialty chicks, French Black Copper Marans, Partridge Penedensencas, and Blue Americaunas. Long story, but the breeder had a very bad hatch rate and sent me 8 warmers which are Black Orpingtons which have the lavender gene. The Black Orpingtons originate from Christina Korfus's lines, and the male over those hens is a pure Lavender Orpington from the Hinkle lines. Orpingtons are not a breed I thought I was interested in, but of course, now I Have To Have Some!!! They look gorgeous and sweet as can be. My hope is that at least 4 of the chicks turn out to be hens, and I would like to find a suitable, young, lavender roo to incorporate into my flock so that I can breed some Lavenders. When they come of age, all of my birds free range in the day (over 10 acres, lots of room) and I have had poor luck trying to introduce grown roos (I also have grown White Leghorn roo, A New Hampshire Roo, and a three month old Partridge Penedesenca Roo, not sure if I will keep him but leaning towards it). So, I would like the lavender roo as soon as he can be accurately sexed so that I can let him grow up with the 3 week olds that I have now or the 8 week olds that I have. The babies go out to my main coop as soon as they are fully feathered and stay separated from from the grown chickens (locked in) usually until they are 2-3 months or so, then I incorporate everone and they get to roam free. This has worked out well for me so far. So, does anyone know where I can get a young lavender roo with suitable bloodlines so I am not interbreeding too much in the next month or so?? I would be willing to drive to the Chehalis Show in December if someone will have one there, I am near Salem, Oregon so, not too far of a drive.

Thanks so much!!!

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