Young laying hen w/leg probs

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    Oct 26, 2007
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    I recently purchased several young laying hens from a local person...all were in good condition when I picked up. After several days/about a week, I found one of the little serama/mix hens sitting in the coop....then when I went back to check on them again, she was still in the same position, so I decided to examine more closely....

    She wont/cant stand up. If I try to stand her up, she extends both front legs out straight and sits down. I have her isolated indoors in a kennel. She's eating and drinking fine, making little chicken noises....but I dont understand whats going on with her legs. She's alert and perky. I have felt all along her legs from her feet on up. No injury thats visually apparent, and she doesnt seem to hurt if I press all along her legs.

    Thoughts? I cant put her back in the coop this way, she needs to be able to walk! Thanks.
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    Do you know if she was vaccinated for Mareks disease? That would be my guess, but I would start her on vitamins and make sure that she is drinking well. I would check with the breeder about vaccinations.

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