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  1. Reviewing stock for next year and have some very nice young (2-3 month old) NPIP guinea roos- lavender, buff, pearl, some dark ones that I believe are bronze but the color has not developed. NPIP flock. Price does not include shipping. Great for introduction of new genetics into your flock. Limited availability!
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    Hi Mommaguinea
    I'd be very interested in eggs when you ship eggs and have guineas laying. I onlyhave one guinea hen and her two guinhen layers now...with a permanent buff orpington rooster husband protector chaperone. ...

    My guinea is husband really likes them..prefers guineas over my chickens, and suggested many times I look into getting some more guineas.

    If you are open to trading too I would consider that too with my green egg laying black meat birds....

    I'm only just starting to look into who might have guineas and eggs available now as my guinea and her hybrids are laying eggs daily almost...

    Oh...even seeing active though gentlemanly breeding to the hybrids for several months, none show any sign of fertilizing. my nice big buff orpington rooster. These two look like chickens though there was one lost to a predator that looked like a very large buff and black laced guinea...though tiny feathers covered its head....may have been male.

    I'd love sharing pictures.
    Oh nothing was forced in the breeding of hybrids...this guinea was raised with chickens and straight run chicks I ended up with females no males ...young cockerals just kept wooing till they were acceptable.

    I may try this with new keats and my black boned/meat birds...perhaps for a black meat hyperpigmented hybrid.

    Please let me know when you've eggs available. ..thanks
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    I was wondering if you had any guineas left or any keets available to sell. My husband and I are looking to get a couple of keets or young guineas. We live in Savannah, GA. Please let me know if you or know of someone who is willing to ship has any. Thanks so much.
  4. Glory blue and new egg- Please like me of facebook at fowl play guineas. No eggs or birds right now - too early here but I will be taking orders for eggs and keets VERY SOON- you will be first notified if you are on FB ! THANKS!

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