Young Muscovy Ducks

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8 Years
Mar 15, 2011
Odessa, MO
I have 13 little Muscovy duck up for sale. They are going to be 2 months old next week. They are pure! The mother is in some of the pictures, but I dont have the father. He was a black pied though. These babies are very healthy and lively. Though they have grown up outside with their mother they are friendly as can be. They dont like being picked up but they will eat out of your hand, and beg for a treat. Lol! They sleep outside or in their coop, I let them choose. If you want some or dont hit the buy it now just pm me or post on here. I will NOT ship! Sorry! I dont know how and dont want to learn at this point, so it will have to be local pick up only. Here is a list of what I have, I will sell in pair and trios only. Sorry again I dont want to be stuck with males.

Black Pied- 2 males, 3 females
Brown Pied- 2 males, 1 female
Brown Barred- 2 females (I think they would go great with a browm male)
White w/ brown crown- 1 male, 2 females (would like these guys to go as a trio)

And some pictures









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